Natural Slate Roof cleaning

When it comes to Natural slate roof cleaning you must be sure you hire a contractor that knows what they are doing! using high pressure on slate roofs can cause more harm than good as the natural slates will split and cause leaks and expensive repair work. AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS have been working hard over the past decade or so find a safer alternative solution to this much requested and specialist service of Natural slate cleaning around the north lanarkshire, cumbernauld, motherwell, hamilton, airdrie, coatbridge, falkirk, kilsyth, stirling, perth and also Inverness and highlands area. 

There are three main type of natural slates used on roofs here in Scotland, Scotch balach slate which is a like a blue/grey tint slate of a medium texture and is mostly found in older towns in the east coast of Scotland, the spanish slate which is a lighter grey colour and the welsh slate that tends to be a dark grey with a purply tint through it.

Over time these beautiful natural slates attract green and black algae stains caused by a build up of dust and organic materials that settle on the roof over time that can take away the lovely shine off your slates and if left for to long with start the growth of heavy moss.

How do we clean your natural slate roof? 

Because natural slate are less porous than concrete tiles then this means they can be cleaned much easier on a lower pressure, if your slates have any Moss growths then first of all we will gently remove these with our telescopic brush then clear out the gutters in prepairing the roof for the soft washing, we use an Alkaline based product mixed with a special Soft washing surfactant that will kill all the green and black algae and lichen.

We will then leave the product to work for about an hour then we will gently rinse of the product, we will then re apply a second time and your natural slates will start to come up clean, in some cases a third application might be required and a final rinse down but in most cases two treatments is enough.

Once the slates have been left to dry for an hour or so then we will post treat the slates with another Soft washing product biocide that will continue to slowly restore the natural slates and also protect them for up to five years of any further regrowth.

It usally takes up to six weeks for the full cleaning of the slates to self clean back to there former Glory.


we cover all over the central of Scotland from North lanarkshire , cumbernauld, airdrie , coatbridge , motherwell, hamilton, lenzie, kirkintiloch, milton of campsie, lenoztown, glasgow falkirk, stirling, perth, and also cover the Inverness and Highlands area. 

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Natural Slate Roof cleaning image
Natural Slate Roof cleaning image
Natural Slate Roof cleaning image
Natural Slate Roof cleaning image
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