Soft wash Roof Cleaning

AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS also offer Roof Soft washing and Moss removal as part of our service range in the Central of Scotland,  North lanarkshire, cumbernauld , lenzie, kirky, bishopbriggs ,Glasgow, Stirling, falkirk, perthshire , Inverness and the highlands area.


What is Roof Soft washing?

Roof soft washing is a Safer alternative to pressure washing roofs using biodegradable waterbased products to remove moss, algae, lichen and grime from exterior hard surfaces without the need for high pressure cleaning.!  High pressure washing works great for most paved surfaces like driveways and patios however with roofs this can cause leaks, cracks, and in some cases depending on the type of tiles you may have it can also strip away the protective coating on tiles.

On the contrary Soft washing will eliminate such risks by using special roof cleaning products to free your roof of moss and grime, another great aspect of soft washing is we can do the work completly from the ground or ladder/ mini tower depending on the type of property you have.




AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS have tried and tested many different type of Soft washing methods and using our broad source of Soft washing professional contacts across the Uk, even though there are many different type of roof shapes, sizes, and various type of tiles we have developed a simple roof Soft washing method that works great for all types of roofs. 

Before we apply any product for Soft washing it is widely agreed with most professional Soft washing contractors that it is best practice to remove some of the built up moss and any loose moss balls, we do this by using an extenable hand brush or light scrapper again depending on your type of roof tiles you have, then we will clear guttering out and remove all excess moss from the site.


The next step is to start the soft washing process by using our Soft washing equipment to safley apply the powerful biocide soft wash solution,!  we leave this product to dwell for a while and get to work with killing off all the leftover Moss, algae, lichen and grime from your roof, we will then go over the roof a second time or in some extreme cases a third application will go on, even by this stage you will start to se an incredible visual transformation.

 We will then give the roof a light rinse off from the ground or at the gutter level, this is where you will truley start to se the roof tiles transform back to their former glory as the powerful roof cleaning product continues to work. There are some cases when rinsing is not required, this will be accessed on the day and unlike some contractors we do not charge any extra if we decide the roof needs a light rinse on the day, otherwise we will let mother nature take over.

 The last step once the light rinse is complete is to clean out the guttering of any leftover bits of dead moss and hose down your propery leaving your home neat and tidy!.

How can i keep my roof free of moss? 

Once you se the stunning results our roof soft washing can achieve you will be simply astonished , you will want to keep your roof looking great and never to be covered in moss and grime again!  we then moving forward can recommend a maintenance clean every few years with another type of biocide soft washing treatment that will prevent the moss returning and keep your roof forever clean protecting your investment and adding value to your home for years to come. This means we will not need to go through the full roof cleaning proccess again but rather just keep your roof topped up with a soft wash treatment to prevent the moss and grime ever coming back again.

please note: Even though you will se a dramatic visual difference on the same day, because soft washing is a much safer alternative to pressure washing a roof then it takes typically up to 6 weeks for the roof to completly self clean as the product continues to work over this time. 


We cover all over the central of Scotland from Glasgow, cumbernauld, kilsyth, Hamilton Motherwell, Airdrie, Coarbridge, north lanarkshire, lenzie, kirky, bishopbriggs,  stirling, falkirk, perthshire and also cover the Inverness and the highlands area .

We are a small family run business with one van covered by our owner Jim and the other covered by his son Andrew in the Inverness and Highland area 

For all enquiries please fill out the contact form on the contact us page by clicking here or call us or send an email with the details on this page for a free quotation or call us on the numbers provided and we will be happy to help you.


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Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
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